***MUST WATCH VIDEO*** On January 24, 2019,
after being convicted of "hate speech" against Jews and women,
Dr. James Sears conducts a brief media scrum in the lobby
of Toronto's College Park Courthouse.

Anti-Globalist investigative journalist Dan Dicks
from "Press For Truth" interviews writer Lawrence McCurry
on how the attack on the world's largest pro-Christian
publication, "Your Ward News", is the first step toward
shutting down Christianity in Canada.

Alex Van Hamm conducts a compelling interview of Dr. James Sears,
discussing how he began trolling feminists 20 years ago, created the
character "Dimitri The Lover", became Editor-In-Chief of Your Ward News,
was the subject of multiple hate crime investigations, and is now a target
of Antifa terrorism. They also review Dr. Sears' vision for Canada and
humanity, including his creation of The New Constitution Party of Canada,
free speech vs hate speech, the "White Supremacist" myth, anti-white and
anti-Christian propaganda, Muslim and Jewish supremacism, bringing Muslims and Jews to Jesus Christ, and so much more!

Bahman Yazdanfar interviews Your Ward News' Editor-In-Chief Dr. James Sears, on his background history, his anti-Marxist vision for the newspaper, his views on free speech, and the fine art of trolling Marxists.

Bahman Yazdanfar interviews Your Ward News'  Writer

Lawrence McCurry, on the recent controversy surrounding

accusations of "hate speech" against YWN.